Hi! My name is Gemma and I am degreed in advertising and public relations. After finishing college, I decided to get deeper and to improve my Graphic design skills and, during the process, I discovered the world of 3D design which fascinated me. So, I moved to the beautiful city of Granada where I took a course of 3D design and production which gave me the knowledge and tools to start working in the videogame app industry.


I love the possibilities that 3D offers which run from recreating reality by the most accurate way, to unreal fantasy worlds and characters; all of it slowly coming to life by my own hand. I feel amazed about the possibilities of 3D design which allow creating anything from nothing, being the limit just your imagination.


As 3D Generalist, the variety of projects that you may encounter is huge, which makes me be very flexible and capable of adapt myself to any kind of work, even easily switching from one task to another. As well, the fact of facing that wide assortment of projects allows me to challenge myself and make me grow as 3D artist.


On the other hand, I would like to be specialized in texturing and shading so, in order to achieve it, I use programs such as Substance Painter, Substance Designer or Unity Amplify Shader Editor Plug-in.


To describe how I usually work, I always try to do my best in every project, learning something new to improve my skills. I’m a tireless seeker of knowledge and I love to search for new challenges to overcome myself being honest with my work so that I can find my strengths and weaknesses to empower or fight them.


I like to pay attention to detail in my projects because, by doing so, I believe it can give an extra point of quality and, every detail added, gives more personality to the final outcome. However, I can work with adjusted deadlines doing my best and getting quality projects.


I am a good teamworker and I love to do it because it an be learnt a lot from coworkers. In addition, the concepts and projects that may outcome will always be better. As well, I think I am a sociable and very respectful person to everyone’s opinion and work, as they can always contribute to give a new view which I might have not think of yet.


I consider myself a responsible and very organized person. Indeed, I think I can easily adapt myself to any issue or circumstance that may appear during the project development.


Below, you can find my CV and the recommendation letter of the one of the lastest companies I’ve been working at; both in English and in Spanish. Also, there is the recommendation letter of the last company I’ve been working at, but it’s only available in Spanish.