Bastet (Work In Progress)

In order to face a new challenge and improve my skills, I decided to create a new character.

I decided to create my own version of the Egyptian goddess Bastet because I always liked the Ancient Egypt and the personality of that goddess.

As I’ve said, I decided to inspide my character in Bastet, but I wantet to do my own version, so I keeped the idea of an antropomorphic character, but changing something because I wanted her face to mix human and feline features.

The first step was designing the character and I started drawing it but I know that it isn’t one of my strenghts, so I just used it as a sketch to start modelling the body using ZBrush.

Bastet is a goddess, so I decided that she should have a athletic body, which let me study, learn and practice human anatomy because her body was mostly like a woman body, and I considered and still think that human anatomy is one of my weaknesses.

Althought I had been working in the character design while I was modelling it in ZBrush, when I thought that it was what I desired it to be, I got some images from the ZBrush sculpture to make the most of the volume and the lights and shadows and paint on them. Moreover, I used them in order to do some color tests and check the wardrobe design and character props.

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Software used:

Design:  Photoshop

Model:  ZBrush

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