Sara is a production character design and creation project and she was the first character I created.

Character creation has a certain process that should be followed and it starts deciding the character features and its personality, wich is very important because the physical appearance should represent it. These decisions will also determine the character style.

When I designed Sara, I wanted her to be a 18 months old girl adorable and a little naughty.

When the character was completely designed, I sculpted her using ZBrush and, then, I did the retopology in 3DStudio Max.

Afterwards, I created the UV maps using UVLayout to unwrap the character, which let me to texturize her using Photoshop and Mudbox to create the texture maps.

To allow Sara to move, I rigged her in 3DStudio Max and, I created a morpher map to make her facial expressions.

All of that let Sara adopt the personality I decided she had to have. So, we can see a happy and playful girl.


However, when you endow a character with personality, it may not behave exactly as you desired…

Creation Process Gallery

Software used:

Model: ZBrush and 3DStudio Max

UVs creation: UVLayout

Texture: Photoshop and Mudbox

Render: Vray

Post-production: Photoshop

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