Jackson USA SL1 Soloist Black

When I started this project, I wanted to create a realistic appearance 3D electric guitar. 

I started selecting the guitar I wanted to model and searching for some references to do it, such several photographs of the selected guitar, the technical information of its construction and whatever that could help me to create the model. So, I started modeling the guitar body and, then, I continued creating the smaller details.

After that, I texturized the guitar trying to imitate the materials that compose it as accurately as I can, and I created a ilumination set up in order to get a render image.

In addition, I decided to make a product render which could be used for an advertising purpose and not just to show the guitar.

Finally, I did the post-production using Photoshop to get the desired outcome.

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Software used:

Model:  3DStudio Max

UVs creation: 3DStudio Max

Texture:  3DStudio Max and Photoshop

Render: Vray

Post-production: Photoshop

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