I had to create five different offices for the videogame Agente de Jugadores de Fútbol – Manager 2019 which should indicate the player evolution in the game and I was in charge of designing, modeling and texturing them. To show this progress, I decided that the game should start in the bedroom of the manager, where he began working, and, when he get better contracts, he would move to an office, that would continue improving.

There were also four objects (computer, mobile phone, filing cabinet and world ball) that could be upgraded individually and that had to fit in all the offices, so all of them had to have them located at the same place, and also had to indicate the player’s progress. 


First office:



Second office:



Third office:



Fourth office:



Fifth office:


Software used:

Model:  3DStudio Max

UVs creation: UVLayout

Texture:  Photoshop and Substance Painter

Render: Unity

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