Soccer Player

Working at Bambo Studio, I created two different soccer player character. one of them had to have a cartoon style and the other one had to be more realistic.

Furthermore, I did some skins for them which included several clothing kit textures, boots and some skin textures.

You can see and play with the realistic character if you play Shoot Goal Evolución Liga Juegos de Fútbol 2019

The cartoon soccer player is the character of some games like Shoot Goal – Juegos de fútbol Multiplayer 2019 or Shoot Goal: Ligas del Mundo 2018. This character is the one which is used in the game Dispara y Gol – Juego de Fútbol Playa, but it´s a bit different because it´s barefoot and I had to model the feet.

I did a goalkeeper character too wich was used in the game Portero de Futbol 2019 – Carrera de Guardameta.

I also created different shaders for them which could be used in Unity using the plug-in Amplify Shader Editor. This shader let you control the shine of the material, use a texture to set it, add a map to include wrinkels on the texture ( I did it in order to use the same textures for a male soccer player and for a female one, which would probably be included in Shoot Goal Evolución Liga Juegos de Fútbol 2019 game).

Below, you can see the realistic soccer player and its different skins.


And, below, there is a video of the cartoon character.


Software used:

Model:  ZBrush and 3DStudio Max

UVs creation: UVLayout

Texture:  Photoshop and Substance Painter

Shader:  Amplify Shader Editor

Render: Unity

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