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The videogame Agente de Jugadores de Fútbol – Manager 2019 goes along with a soccer players manager in his professional evolution and the player can improve some objects to progress in the game such as world ball, filing cabinet, mobile phone or computer. In order to do it, there is a store in the game where the player can buy the differents upgrades for each object and I had to do some icons to represent them.

Furthermore, the player can also improve the office where the manager is working, so I had to create an icon to represent each one too.

Each individual object icon can be seen in the following gallery and, below, there is another gallery which shows the office icons.


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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Software used:

Model:  3DStudio Max

UVs creation: UVLayout

Texture:  Photoshop and Substance Painter

Render: Vray

Post-production: Photoshop

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